Quick Write Challenge

LI: To write a imaginative paragraph that makes sense.

Today I took on a challenge called ‘quick write’. We would have to write a story in two minutes but there would be two words given to us that we needed to include in our paragraph. The story can be nonsense but the sentences had to make sence. Once two minutes is up, we checked our punctuation and made sure it made sense. Then we would count the amount of words we wrote. Next time, we would try to beat the amount of words we wrote the last time. 

The first two rounds were individual. The main challenge was two words and two minutes. The two words were nouns, for example: shoes, flour, bear, etc. We wrote these paragraphs in our writing book.

The next challenge was three words and three minutes. We completed this in pairs. This time we had to include three nouns in our paragraph. We wrote these on a piece of paper so we could collaborate properly. 

There was a super challenge which was seven words and seven minutes. The seven words were four nouns, one adjective, one adverb, and one transitional vocabulary. For example: Eden park, unique, rapidly, although, etc. 

What I found interesting during this task was learning how to write fast while using our imagination.

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