RFE Holiday Challenge : Day 2

RFE holiday challenge, is an activity to keep our reading going in the holidays, which is shown by completing 2-3 activities for each day for our books we have read, and posting the DLO’s on our blogs. 

Today I have done 2 activities. The book I read is the Red Riding Hood and it is about how a little girl is delivering some bread to her sick and unwell grandma, but on the way, she meets a wolf that eventually eats up the girls grandma and acts like her.

The main point of these activities was to create a collage of the clothes that the characters wear or the clothes that they may have in their closet. The character I chose was Red Riding Hood. The second challenge was to fill in a black and white character , but I picked Rid Riding Hood, in some stories the girl can be seen in black and white so that’s why I chose her.

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