Newshound Session 2

LI: to become familiar with how media creators influence the audience in adverts.

This week for session 2 of Cybersmart with Mrs Grant, we learnt about how media creators and influencers depict messages in advertising media. The questions we based our research on and built out understanding of is who made the media, who they made it for, why they made it and if there are hidden messages.

First, we developed a stronger understanding of what these questions mean by using Kpop and sports advertisements/articles.

Finally, we created a DLO using what we learnt to create a provocation on whether or not this new product should be trusted using the facts, statistics as well as vocabulary to create an informed opinion. I chose to influence the audience by saying we shouldn’t trust this product because of the evidence provided that this may not be safe.

I enjoyed this task because I was able to use my past knowledge of informed opinions, persuasive vocabulary and language features to create a provocational poster.

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