Character Analysation

LI: To analyse a character traits to understand the story.

In different stories, there are characters with different traits. These traits paint a picture of how or why the character is like that in the story. When you are reading a book, you can analyse characters in order to understand the book in depth.

When reading a book, there are 4 criteria that you should be able to point out or observe. These are: which perspective the book is written in, inferring different things, your opinion or what you would do differently and some details that you would expect in the book. Most books would have a lot of information about how the events came to place. The Aesop fables our group were reading, didn’t have a lot of information.

My group and I came up with our ideas and shared them to make a collective idea. We think that ‘The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’ is written in the narrators perspective because of the use of 3rd person words such as: he and they. One example of a piece of information we would expect in the story is: how the wolf understood to disguise himself and manipulate the situation.


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