Newshounds Session 3

LI: To understand misinformation and disinformation in media.

This week in Cybersmart with Mrs Grant, we learnt about how media publishers and writers may have misinformation or disinformation and how we can notice the difference. The definitions of misinformation and disinformation are on the slide above.

An article was made during the American President Elections going against Hillary Clinton by saying she had fraudulent votes that she would use to win the election. This article was published by a big Donald Trump supporter who bought a site for 5$ and posted this article. He gained 22,000 American dollars and more than six million views in that time.

This article has disinformation because the false information was shared with the intent of ruining Hillary Clinton’s reputation, gaining more votes for Donald Trump supporters and also to make money. In doing this, Donald Trump won the elections.

I enjoyed this task because I learnt how to recognize misinformation and disinformation in texts and articles which will help me tell the purpose of the text.

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