Treasure Hunt

The Summer Learning Journey is a program to help prevent the summer slide which is the drop in academic performance by students after the holidays. During the holidays, students are given creative and interesting tasks to complete for 6 weeks during the holiday. Additionally, students can comment on others blogs of the Summer Learning Journey to earn extra points and thus, earning them prizes at the end of the program.

For this first task, we were given out a treasure hunt to be prepared for following tasks that Nano Girl gives out. This task allowed us to go and search through the classroom for the following items in the list on the blog.


One thought on “Treasure Hunt

  1. Kia ora David

    It is awesome to see that you have registered for the Summer Learning Journey!
    Great to hear that you completed the first activity of finding all the items on the list to make your very own science toolkit.
    Remember to include a picture along with your writing so that I can see all the items you have collected. Nice Job David and keep up the great work!

    Looking forward to seeing your next blog post!
    Thank you
    Manar (Summer Learning Journey Team)

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