How Is A Rainbow Made?

LI: To create a diagram showcasing how a ranbow is made.
LI: To memorise a mnemonic to remember the colors of the rainbow.

For this Kick Start Summer Learning Journey task, we were asked to create a video showcasing us memorizing a mnemonic as it was a way to rememeber the colors of the rainbow. Mnemonic is a way or a system such as a pattern of letters which helps us to rember something or a complex words.  For the step it up task, we were asked to create a diagram of how a rainbow is made.

For this task, i decided to do the step it up task, which was to create a DLO showcasing a diagram of how a rainbow is made.

4 thoughts on “How Is A Rainbow Made?

  1. Kia ora David,

    You’ve done a good job of presenting how a rainbow works. Tino pai! Your description aligns with the diagram on your slide, which is fantastic! 😀Did you know these facts about rainbows or is this new information?

    Have you ever used a mnemonic system to remember anything at school or at home before?

    Ngā mihi,
    Simon (SLJ)

    1. Hi Simon,

      Thank you for the feedback but yes I did know all those facts. In school, we use TEEL which is for explaination writing Topic, Explanation, Evidence, and Link, and many more.

      What other mnemonics have you used outside of school?

      1. Kia ora David,
        I haven’t heard of TEEL, but that is a good one! Mnemonic patterns really help us learn more.
        I can think of a few mnemonic patterns that are used for juniors to spell words, like ‘because’ – Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants 😀

        1. Kia Ora SImon,
          That’s also a good one! Based off my understanding, there are many ways of using, what do you think is the right situation to use mnemonics?

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