Dear Lavendar

For this Summer Learning Journey task, we were asked to write a letter to something, and for the step it up, we were asked to create an animation matching the letter. This task was part of the poetry slam and the task was based off Kobe Bryant’s poem to basketball.

I decided to pick the kick start task which was to write a letter to something, picked lavendar just because its my favorite flower.

4 thoughts on “Dear Lavendar

  1. Hi David,

    What a unique choice to write a letter to lavender, it is also one of my favourite flowers too. I love it because I love the sweet smell and also watching all the bees buzzing around it!

    Your poem is full of many metaphors for what lavender makes you think of and remember. It has made a very interesting read. Were you inspired by another poem to help you with some of these ideas?

    Thanks for sharing David,

    Emma – SLJ

    1. Hello Emma,
      Thank you again for the feedback, but while writing this poem I did not use any inspo, I just use synonyms for words.

      If you were doing this task, what would your letter be written to?

  2. Kia ora David. Phil from the Poetry Slam team here. Wow, what an awesome range of vocabulary you’ve used. And love your personification, suggesting that lavender has hands. Ka pai! Do you think you’ll record some of you future poems and share them on your blog?

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