Maths Riddle

For this Summer Learning Journey task, we were asked to some riddles based of maths. For the step it up, we were asked to find someone in the household to trick them with the maths riddles and also record it.  This task originated to riddles and maths

I decided to do the kick start which was solving the riddles. AFter solving, I checked my answers with the answer sheet which in turn I got all of them right.


4 thoughts on “Maths Riddle

  1. Hi David,

    This looks like a very fun task, riddles can be challenging though! Looks like you managed to get them all right, awesome work! Was there one in particularly that you found the hardest, or that took you the longest to work out?

    I was quite confused about the one with the car parked until I flipped it round!

    Thanks for sharing David,

    Emma -SLJ

    1. Hello Emma,
      Thanks again for the feedback. I think the hardest one was probably the car park one too.

      What was the hardest riddle you’ve solved besides this task?

      1. Hi David,

        It’s not a maths riddle, but I think a difficult one nonetheless!

        What is both hot and cold at the same time?

        See if you can figure it out! (without the help of google)

        Emma – SLJ

  2. Hi David

    Good to see your postings on the Summer Learning Journey. These maths riddles are good. I often used similar problems as warmups for Maths lessons when I taught in class. I really liked the carpark puzzle. Very tricky!


    Mr Johnston

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