Harvesting During Matariki

LI: to look at the significance of harvesting during Matariki.

This coming Friday it is Matariki so our class decided to do challenges based around the nine stars. There were three sets of challenges, Matariki itself or Harvesting or the food preservation process. Our group chose harvesting.

After picking one set of challenges we then created a DLO of any sort but we decided to create an information poster showing the time of harvesting, why was it important to early Maoris, the foods that was harvested, the tools used to harvest and how they were used.

I found this task enjoyable because it expanded my knowledge on how the early Maoris harvested their crops/food back in the day.

Link to the DLO

One thought on “Harvesting During Matariki

  1. Mingalaba David!
    Your DLO was very entertaining as well as eye-catching and informative. I liked how each section had a sub-title followed by paragraphs of interesting information! I think the modern way of harvesting may be efficient, but the traditional way of harvesting is more cultural. What do you think the hardest part of harvesting would have been in the old days?

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