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Unfamiliar Text

LI: to make sense of an unfamiliar text

This week we have been looking at making sense of an unfamiliar text. We looked at the title of the poem and made predictions of what the poem was about. We then read the poem and compared our initial predictions to what the text was about. After this, we unpacked the poem using our prior knowledge to make meaning of what the text was about while justifying our thinking with evidence.

Person and Perspective

LI: to understand the different persons used in texts and the perspective that they portray in stories.


An additiona task for Reading was learn about and create a DLO of the different persons used in text and how they display persepctive in a story.

First person consists of pronouns such as I, me, we, mine, myself and us and it is from the author or the writers perspective. Second person consist of pronouns like you, your and yours and it is from the authors perspective talking to the reader or someone else. Third person consists of pronouns like she, her and hers and it is from a narrators perspective talking down to a character or person.

I found this activity informative because I applied my prior knowledge of 1st, 2nd and 3rd person to my learning in order to understand the perspective of the story.


LI: To find evidence in the text to support your answer

This week our group read the text Family Photographs. After reading the text and thinking about the information in the article our challenge was to support the statements based on the questions given. This means also looking at the photos for clues and ideas to give us more information.

This activity was interesting because it helped us learn what type of evidence we need to support a information text.

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