Manaiakalani FIlm Festival

Today, Panmure Bridge School and the rest of our Manaiaklani cluster visited the Hoyts Cinema at Sylvia Park to celebrate the annual Manaiakalani Film Festival. The Manaiakalni Film Festival is an event where the schools within the Manaiakalani cluster come together and showcase a series of short films made from different classes to share new ideas and inspire eachother.

The schools within the Manaiakalani cluster are Panmure Bridge School, Sommerville, Point England School, Fidelis, Ruapotaka School, Glenbrae School, Tamaki College, Glen Innes School, Stonefield School and Glen Taylor School.

My favorite film is ‘Photos day’ by Room 4 of Point England. I liked the way they showcase their problems on photos day.

Something I enjoyed about this event is that we can sit and relax and watch the movies.

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